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No, you do not have to worry. We are committed to ensure that all Midshipmen scholarships and stipends will be paid in full.

Kilo Company is a one-week long New Student Orientation (NSO) program facilitated by experienced Midshipmen and the NROTC Unit Staff. It is supplemental to New Student Indoctrination (NSI), which is a three week, full-time program that all scholarship recipients must attend during the summer. Midshipmen on College Program are encouraged to attend NSI. Content of Kilo Company includes administrative paperwork, military indoctrination, physical training, and various briefs designed to set you up for success in your 4th Class Year.

Message from Commander, Naval Service Training Command

A message from Commander, Naval Service Training Command, CAPT Mattingly to NROTC midshipmen. Uploaded 07 September 2023.

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