Philadelphia ROTC Units Commemorate 9/11 Together

Friday, October 7, 2022
ROTC units from the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University Gather at the Philadelphia Museum of Arts

September 11th, 2001 is a day that is seared into the American conscience. It is a day that changed the course of thousands of lives, from the first responders on the 11th to the service members that deployed over the course of the two decades following the tragedy. In honor of the victims, first responders, and service members who lost their lives, the University of Pennsylvania NROTC Consortium joined the Red Diamond Battalion of the Temple Army ROTC unit at the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Arts to commemorate the day.

Battalion leadership address the combined units

Both Battalion Commanders, MIDN Conway and Cadet Corcran, spoke on the importance of remembrance and how we need to be battle-ready at all times. They also discussed our commonality as warfighters despite being in different branches of the armed services, and how doing events together would benefit us by learning new leadership techniques and the nuances of each respective service. As future Navy and Marine Corps officers, we need to be prepared to work with members of every branch, not just our own. 

ROTC Midshipmen and Cadets racing to the top of the steps

All participants then took part in a friendly competition running up the Rocky Steps.

Temple University NROTC Cadet carrying his company flag
ROTC Commanding Officers address the combined audience

Following the race, University of Pennsylvania NROTC Commanding Officer Col Ciuccoli and the Red Diamond Battalion’s Commanding Officer Lt Col Maszarose addressed the units, emphasizing the historical significance of the day and the need for unity of effort across military branches.

Original article written by Midshipman First Class Jorgensen of Temple University. Adapted for this forum by LT Miller.